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Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia, from the 3rd to the 4th of October, 2024

Submit your contributions by June 10

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About the DFGN

Let's start with proper introductions...

The Design Factory Global Network (DFGN, for friends like you) is a network of around 40 innovation hubs based in universities and research institutions in 25 countries of the world. 

We are on the mission of reshaping the way we do education, implementing interdisciplinarity and problem-based learning as a core of our educational programs.

We are a strong community of educators and practitioners driving change within our ecosystems by hosting multiple initiatives such as international courses, joint research projects,  grant applications, among others.

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About the UnBoxed'24

Welcome to DFGN's Unconference, where design factory experts and practitioners converge to reshape education.


This year, we'll be focusing on practical insights, setting us apart from traditional conferences. Dive into subthemes like how to support  student development of teamwork competencies in problem-based learning.


Explore the latest experiments in user studies and integrate sustainability principles into education. Discover how AI tools are revolutionizing project-based learning and teaching methodologies.


Join us as we delve into dynamic discussions, share valuable insights, and refine ideas to pioneer the future of design factory excellence. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative educational experience.

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We aim to create a practice-oriented platform for design factory experts and practitioners to share their insights into the best educational practices, distinguishing this event from traditional ones.

The conference will aim to include topics around the following lines:

  1. Supporting student development of teamwork competencies in Problem-Based Learning

  2. Fostering successful real-life challenges

  3. Experiments in user studies

  4. Integrating Sustainability into innovation teaching

  5. Integrating AI tools into Project-based learning and teaching


Bogotá will host us during this year's event, specifically Design Factory Javeriana Bogotá, at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.

The campus is in the heart of the vibrant and inspiring city, so you will be engaging and experiencing the university's culture firsthand. 

We'll see you there!

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